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Onomázein hosts unpublished articles derived from scientific research in the interdisciplinary approach of Education Management, Basic Education, Islamic Education & Sports Education, Political Science, Legal & Social Sciences, Management Science, HR Management, Marketing Management & Financial Management Economics, and Accounting, theoretical and applied linguistics; in classical, Indo-European, Romanesque and Hispanic philology; in translation theory and terminology,  indigenous languages, as well as leading studies on Law, International Law and Related Disciplines,  researcher

The Onomázein journal is aimed primarily at specialized readers in the aforementioned thematic areas and aspires to be an effective vehicle for scientific exchange among language science.

 The quality of the articles published in it is guaranteed by an anonymous arbitration process, carried out by specialists from the international scientific community.

The texts published in Onomázein are governed by a Creative Commons license, which essentially states that anyone is free to copy, distribute and publicly communicate any of them, as long as the source is adequately cited and that no No alteration or transformation of the original.

Onomázein continually receives texts of articles, notes and reviews for evaluation and publication.

Onomázein was founded in 1996. Until 2003 it appeared as a yearbook. As of 2004, its periodicity increased to two issues per year and since 2017 its regular issues are published quarterly, to which two thematic issues are added each semester. Since 2013, Onomázein has been published exclusively electronically.

Onomázein is financed by the Faculty of Letters of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and receives support from UC Libraries.

Current Issue

No. 62 (2023): December
Published: 2023-11-02


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