Exploring the Synergy of Linguistics and Medicine


  • Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, Nguyen Thi Kim Luyen


Linguistic, Pharmaceutical, healthcare, literacy


The convergence of linguistics and medicine presents an enigmatic and ever-evolving realm with profound implications for the healthcare sector. This research embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the manifold roles linguistics plays in enhancing healthcare communication, elevating patient comprehension, and advancing cultural sensitivity within medical practices. It delves into the profound effects of linguistics on promoting health literacy, endowing patients with accessible educational materials, and facilitating informed decision-making. Furthermore, the study delves into the subtle yet pivotal non-verbal facets of medical communication, encompassing the realms of body language and speech analysis. It accentuates the collaborative and synergistic role assumed by linguists and speech-language pathologists in the realm of patient care. This research serves to underscore the indispensable significance of linguistic expertise in the meticulous crafting of lucid pharmaceutical labelling and addressing the ethical dimensions that permeate the sphere of healthcare communication.




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