Insights Into Discourse Problems Foreign Language Undergraduates Encounter In Argumentative Writing


  • Almosa, Abdulrahman


effectiveness, investigation, teaching methodologies, courses, argumentative writing


Scholarly investigation efforts have attempted to elucidate the characteristics of argumentative writing, emphasising the instructed structures to utilise in developing the substance. The discourse patterns and strategies utilised in the development of argumentative writing have posed significant challenges for undergraduate students.  The objective of this research is to examine prevalent challenges in discourse that impede the progress of argumentative writing among undergraduate foreign language learners. This study investigated the challenges encountered by undergraduate students who are culturally and linguistically diverse in composing argumentative essays. The objective was to gain a deeper understanding of these difficulties and to offer recommendations that can enhance teaching and learning outcomes. The research utilised quantitative methodologies to reveal the difficulties. A total of 294 undergraduate students, comprising 108 males and 186 females, were selected from various universities and administered structured questionnaires. The study community was provided with a questionnaire through a digital system utilising Google Forms, and the sample size was determined through a randomised approach. The projected outcomes of the research contributed to the enhancement of the writing curriculum. The outcome of the research demonstrated statistically significant evidence of the various challenges in written discourse that undergraduate students encounter when composing argumentative essays. The discourse issues that are most prominent are the utilisation of sufficient vocabulary (14%), the establishment of appropriate grammatical structure (13%), the implementation of coherent patterns (35%), the organisation and development of discourse patterns (13%), the exercise of critical thinking (15%), and the creation of focused essay content (10%). Instructors of subjects focused on argumentative writing, or those related to it, may find it beneficial to modify their curriculum approach, teaching methodologies, and instructional materials in order to enhance the effectiveness of their courses.




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