The Inter-relationship in Anita Nair’s The Better Man


  • P.V. Beena, Dr. T. Vasanthakumari


Harmony, human relationships, extramarital affair and masculine traits


The inter-relationship deals with the harmonious and disharmonious relationship between men and women and the web of human relationships. Anita Nair has dealt with all the dimensions of human relationships. She has revealed the quandary of married women and their endless sufferings and efforts to overcome their wretched status. Her novels discuss the lack of understanding and communication in a marriage, extramarital affairs, and men as an arbiter. Anita Nair’s fictional sphere depicts the disturbed female psyche and their human relationships owing to the cruelty of patriarchy. They are doomed to frustrations. They are denied the right to shape their own lives. The writer endows them with the power of will to break down the hurdles. They are not ready to bow down to the monstrous norms of patriarchy, to be defeated and disillusioned to live an enslaved life. The female psyche is torn between the passionate desire to live freely and the restrictions of society filled with predominant masculine traits. The present study aims at analysing the Inter-relationship in Anita Nair’s The Better Man.




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