Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Overview on An Integration of Computer Aided Design and AI Tools For Enhancing Employee Experience


  • Anjali Raj


Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Natural-Language Processing; Human Resource; Technology Advancement; Deep Learning


Human Resource or Human Capital Management has now reached it’s in flexion point. This is because of the last two years of the pandemic, which has made things move faster.  Technology has a bigger effect on the future of work and the workforce than it did in the past. Organizations have now adopted all the facility that is technology driven. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, natural- language processing (NPL), and machine learning (ML), chatbots process data will have a greater impact on Human Resource Department. Deep learning (DL) is a fundamental technology in the current Fourth Industrial Revolution, which encompasses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). In coming future, the adoption and integration of technology with business will become one’s survival rather a matter of choice. These advanced breakthroughs technology in business will bring robots and humans closer together, as well as it will help in investigating ways to use it in order to boost productivity, convenience, and efficiency. The Human Resources (HR) department isn't far behind either. Human Resource (HR) professionals are increasingly emphasizing the significance of maximizing the combination of human and automated work to have an intuitive work environment. Human Resource (HR) professionals are now preparing themselves for this technological advancement that will alter their company and workforce characteristics in coming future. The purpose of the study is to make a comprehensive study on about how the use of AI/ML can impact on HR and how are they useful in transforming the workplace. The research is solely based on qualitative nature which requires a detail study about AI, ML at workplace. The purpose of this piece of writing is to investigate the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can have an impact on human resource management (HRM) and to arrive at a particular definition of AI in HRM. In addition, the author explores the uses of AI in HRM as well as the existing academic foundation for the implementation of AI in HRM. In this paper author has highlighted the significance of AI application models for HRM. This observation will enlighten policymakers regarding the benefits and importance of integrating AI into HRM.




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