Impact Of Parents Attitude On The Children Academic Performance


  • Saiyida Masooma Jafari, Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf, Dr. Muhammad Imran


Parental Attitude, Academic Performance, Parents-Teacher Coordination, Primary Level, Flagrant Impact


Parental attitude either positive or negative has flagrant impacts on the academic achievements of the child. The interesting thing is that the parents’ attitude is also dependent on various socio-economic factors i.e., economic status, educational status, age, and family structure. Civic education, which is called modern education, has paved the way for children's progress. For the achievement of children's progressive education, a parental positive attitude is necessary. Parents’ positive attitude gives courage to the children to achieve their destination. Children remained successful who get motivation from their parents at the primary level. Another important thing for educational achievement is the selection of a suitable educational institution. To compare parental involvement in a child's education across public and private primary schools, as well as the impact of parental support on a child's academic performance at the primary level. A study was conducted in the City of Rawalpindi. The sample size was 384 respondents. A convenient sampling technique was chosen as a sampling technique for the selection of parents. The quantitative method was used as a research design. The population of the study was the parents of those children registered in public and private schools at the primary level.  For a better quality of education, the parental attitude was biased towards private schools. The maximum number of parents graduated regarding their qualifications. The consecutive parents-teacher coordination played an important role in the accomplishment of their children's school work on time. The proper parents-teachers meeting has a great impact on better grading. The complete focus of the parents on their children's education has also impacted tension mitigation, social evils prohibition development of self-confidence, compliance with family rules, regular attendance, and motivations. The method to resolve the issue of the children was a parent-teacher meeting and parents' regular coordination with their status fellows.




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