Tuning into Development: How India’s 2024 Community Radio Policy Reforms Are Shaping the Nation’s Future


  • Jestin Mathew & Vipul Kumar


Community Radio, 2024 Policy Reforms, Developmental Impact, Inclusive Growth, Digital Engagement.


This research explores the ramifications of the 2024 policy reforms on India’s community radio sector and its contribution towards achieving the nation's development goals by 2047. It focuses on how community radio stations perceive these reforms and their preparedness to implement them, underscoring their importance in driving inclusive development. Through a mixed-methods approach, the study surveyed twenty four leading community radio stations across India and conducted detailed interviews with two key stations. By synthesizing theoretical insights, empirical findings, and policy analysis, this study evaluates the impact of the 2024 reforms on community radio operations and strategies. Initial findings reveal a generally positive response towards the reforms, with the majority viewing them as beneficial. Notable changes such as enhanced advertising opportunities, the formation of content advisory committees with a focus on women's representation, and broader operational permissions are anticipated to bolster financial sustainability, content richness, and reach. The stations demonstrate a strong willingness to support India's development agenda for 2047, citing a need for ongoing support in infrastructure, funding, and skill enhancement. The 2024 reforms are identified as a pivotal moment for amplifying the role of community radio in India's social and cultural development, emphasizing the need for continued investment and strategic planning to realize the full potential of this sector.




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