Research on Innovation of Carbon Financial Service Model for Green Supply Chain


  • Zhu Hongqiang, Xing Xin


The innovation of carbon finance service models for green supply chains describes a new approach that supports enterprises in achieving sustainable development based on the increasingly prominent global climate change issue. This model aims to promote low-carbon transformation of the entire supply chain by providing financial support and risk management tools for green supply chains. Enterprises can seize more opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and promote the development of green supply chains, demonstrating its importance and urgency in promoting sustainable development. This article explores the innovative path of this model through comprehensive literature analysis and case studies, and deeply analyzes its application effect and specific impact in practice. Taking a series of enterprises as examples, the positive results of the proposed method in terms of environmental benefits, economic benefits, and social responsibility were demonstrated. The results indicate that by adopting the carbon finance service model, enterprises can significantly improve their carbon emission management, achieve carbon emission reduction, and the effectiveness evaluation of the new method has been confirmed through calculations.




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