Artificial Intelligence Tool for Communication in Corporate World


  • *Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed , **Dr. Ziaul Islam, ***Neda Reyaz & Nadeem Akhtar


Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Corporate, Human Interaction.


The rapid increase in the technology has brought drastic changes/challenges in the society, people’s lifestyle has totally changed the current scenario of the modern world. In the 21st century, businesses encounter a myriad of challenges, spanning from the global expansion of markets to the digital revolution transforming communication approaches (Barkema, et al., 2000).  Further notable challenges encompass delegating core business processes, fostering creativity, and managing client interactions (Insinga, 2002; Gutek et al., 2002). The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has brought about a significant transformation. AI stands as a prominent technology trend today, enabling digital devices to tackle complicated issues akin to humans. Artificial intelligence, encompassing technologies like big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain, is not only improving our quality of life but also transforming our work methodologies. The history of communication traces back to the period of industrialization, evolving to the point where machines are now programmed to simulate human communication skills, think like humans, and mimic human actions. Communication in a nut shell is the interaction between entities. For a business organization the potential and present customers, government authorities, general public, press and media sum up to be the stake holders. Efforts are made to bring in paradigm shift so as to how the accurate information finds the right user rather the customer constantly on a search box and customer service portals.

The purpose of this paper, is to focus on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, which not only tackles the communication barriers but initiates further innovative revolution in the field of communication for the corporate world. The study also reveals the importance of implementing the Artificial Intelligence in the communication process throughout the corporate, which can be helpful in eradicating the present problems of Communication Management.




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