ESL in India: Tech & Multimedia for Multilingual Learners


  • Ashumeet Mitter, Md. Mojibur Rahman


CALL; Edmodo ;Reading Comprehension ;E-Learning ; Multilingual


This study probes into the effectiveness of multimedia tools and technology in enhancing specific English language skills among Indian multilingual English as a Second Language (ESL) learners registered in a unique interdisciplinary program (AECC-English). This program merges traditional English language instruction with coursework from other subject areas, promoting a distinct learning environment for these multilingual students (76 participants). Drawing upon Richard Mayer's Multimedia Learning Theory (MMLT) introduced in 1997, the research investigates which language skill – speaking, reading, listening, or writing – benefits most significantly from the use of various technological tools and functionalities. A survey measured student perceptions, revealing multimedia was seen as most fruitful for speaking skills. Reading and listening skills were viewed with similar levels of efficacy in gaining from technological integration. Writing skills, on the other hand, were viewed as receiving the least relative benefit from multimedia tools.These findings advocate that the application of multimedia tools and technology within the AECC-English program might be most substantial in fostering spoken language proficiency among its multilingual student population. Further research is needed to explore the lower perceived benefit for writing, potentially indicating a need for combined approaches combining technology and traditional methods..This research contributes to the growing body of knowledge about the use of technology in ESL education, particularly within interdisciplinary programs boarding to multilingual learners. This research illuminates educators on maximizing multimedia tools for ESL learners in interdisciplinary programs by identifying areas for improvement based on student perceptions.




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