Bibliometric Analysis: Impact of Moonlighting on Gig Economy Workforce


  • *Dathi Mol W. S, J. Bhavani


Moonlighting, Multiple job holding, gig economy, bibliometric analysis, VOS viewer


Moonlighting was analyzed both quantitatively and visual using a bibliometric approach with the VOS Viewer software. For this study, Scopus as a data source, analyzed 56 articles on moonlighting. The research included articles released from the Scopus database spanning the years 1990 to 2023. VOS Viewer maps displayed past collaborations among authors, organizations, and countries. They also illustrated keyword relationships and highlighted citation patterns for authors, organizations, and countries. The term "moonlighting" was mentioned 16 times, with a combined strength of associated links totaling 21, emphasizing its importance and prevalence within the study.

Beyond the primary emphasis on "moonlighting," the research also explored several related terms to enhance comprehension of diverse work-related concepts. "Employment" encompassed the broad state of being employed, while "multiple job holding" described scenarios in which individuals concurrently held more than one job. This study provided researchers with insights into basic background knowledge about moonlighting and a framework for visual and quantitative research. It is there by narrowed the gap between gig economy workers and bibliometric analysis on moonlighting.





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*Dathi Mol W. S, J. Bhavani. (2024). Bibliometric Analysis: Impact of Moonlighting on Gig Economy Workforce. Onomázein, (64 (2024): June), 85–108. Retrieved from