Examining the Role of the Visual Communication subject in Art Design Education: Promoting Critical Reflective in Online Learning


  • Chen Huijun, Li Li


Visual Communication, Art Design Education, Online Learning, Critical Thinking, Demographic Analysis, Higher Education


Background: With the rapid evolution of online learning, understanding the role of visual communication in art design education has become increasingly important. This study examines the demographic characteristics, critical thinking skills, and perceptions of visual communication among learners in online art design courses.

Methods: A quantitative research approach was employed, utilizing an online survey to gather data from 100 participants engaged in online art design education. Descriptive statistics, inferential analysis (T-tests and Chi-square tests), and regression analysis (linear and logistic) were conducted using SPSS to analyze the data.

Results: The demographic analysis revealed a diverse age range (18 to 39 years) and a balanced gender distribution (36% male, 35% other, 29% female). A significant portion of participants were graduates (58%), with varied experience in online learning (mean = 2.11 years). Critical thinking scores averaged at 73.96, indicating moderate to high levels of critical thinking ability. However, perceptions of the importance of visual communication in art design varied widely among participants. Inferential statistics showed a significant difference in critical thinking skills based on educational level, but no significant gender-based differences in the perception of visual communication. Regression analyses indicated that age, experience with online learning, and critical thinking scores were moderate predictors of online course satisfaction and success.

Conclusion: The study highlights the diverse and inclusive nature of online art design education, emphasizing the need for tailored educational strategies to cater to varied learner profiles. The findings underscore the influence of educational background on critical thinking skills and the complex dynamics of visual communication in online learning environments. The study recommends a focus on inclusive curricula, advanced learning opportunities, and tailored teaching strategies to enhance the efficacy of online art design education




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